Do you see yourself becoming a leader in this field? IMLB 2022 Ambassador Program is providing a platform for the international IMLB community to remain connected leading into 2022. A major theme of the meeting is to address advances not only in lithium-ion technologies and their current and future applications in transportation, commercial, aerospace and biomedical and other emerging industries. So why not ask the new and emerging players within the industry their thoughts, ideas, and breakthroughs on these topics.

Why be an IMLB Ambassador?

If just being a part of this event wasn’t enough being an ambassador’s means:

  • Elevating your personal profile
  • Opening communication with leaders in the Lithium battery field
  • Having your profile highlighted on our website
  • Promotion of you, what you’re working on and doing on our e-zines and socials
  • Opportunity for personal and professional development within the industry

This ambassadorship has the potential to help take your career to the next level. We will invite a limited number of Ambassadors per country, this is an exclusive opportunity for those who are passionate about the field and the way we can revolutionise the world! Are you ready?

What is asked of our Ambassadors?

So with everything to gain what are we asking you for? Just Promote IMLB 2022 among colleagues and industry contacts in your organizations and throughout your city, country, and region. Let people know what you're a part of!

Share IMLB 2022 Ambassador e-newsletters within your social media platforms using the hashtag #IMLB2022 (we are going to be sharing some pretty amazing stuff)

Provide feedback and insights on the overall messaging for IMLB 2022! Let us know your thoughts, we value them!

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to join the Ambassador program, please contact and complete the Expression of Interest Form below

Expresion of Interest

We pleased to introduce the first members of our Ambassadorship: