The IMLB 2022 Meeting will be a fantastic opportunity for all those involved in the battery energy science and technology area to engage with international experts on home ground and excitement is building in anticipation of the event.

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IMLB 2022, Event Director
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Coffee First

The IMLB delegates will seek you out in the exhibition! The Iron sponsorship provides you with the opportunity to meet and greet the delegates as they queue for their morning brew.

Bag the Satchel

The IMLB satchel is a highly-visual branding opportunity. Every on-site registered delegate will receive an official Meeting satchel. Functional and featured!

Juice-Up and Recharge

Squeeze some time out the delegates as they work hard for their refreshments! The juice bar is a popular interactive space where you can enjoy a captive audience on your stand.

Mineral Levels

The Meeting has a range of much needed minerals for lithium production. To align your objectives with ours check out the limited supply of Lithium, Nickel, Graphite and Manganese.